Top 20 Most Popular Anime Characters of All Time, with Rankes

In Japan, dozens of new anime releases every week and fans enjoy all of them. Whether it’s the newly released rom-com series “My Dress-Up Darling” or the action-packed series like “Attack On Titan” viewers are loving both the shows for their memorable characters. But, have you ever considered who are the most popular anime characters of all time?

Well, as a matter of fact, this question comes up in the mind of every anime fan and out of curiosity they tend to know the answer for it. Although, till now a dedicated anime character popularity poll has never been conducted in the anime community which clarifies the doubts of the fans.

But, to solve this problem there is a specific site called “MyAnimeList” which has created a collective database of the likes & dislikes of anime and manga users. MyAnimeList (MAL) is an anime & manga social cataloguing application website run by volunteers to provide its users with a list-like system of top manga, anime and characters in different categories.

And, in this article, we have made up a list of the top 20 most popular anime characters based on the user information on MAL. According to the MAL rankings of top anime characters, Lelouch from Code Geass ranks first with a total of 151,658 votes in his favour.

The complete list of most popular anime characters is as follows:

#1 Lelouch Lamperouge from ‘Code Geass’ (151, 658 votes)

#2 Levi Ackerman from ‘Attack On Titan’ (127,588 votes)

#3 L. Lawliet from ‘Death Note’ (116,369 votes)

#4 Monkey D. Luffy from ‘One Piece’ (110,868 votes)

#5 Roronoa Zoro from ‘One Piece’ (89,400 votes)

#6 Light Yagami from ‘Death Note’ (86,322 votes)

#7 Rintaro Okabe from ‘Steins;Gate’ (86,300 votes)

#8 Killua Zoldyck from ‘Hunter x Hunter’ (85,042 votes)

#9 Edward Elric from ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ (81,318 votes)

#10 Naruto Uzumaki from ‘Naruto’ (75,186 votes)

#11 Gintoki Sakata from ‘Gintama’ (66, 745 votes)

#12 Guts from ‘Berserk’ (61,151 votes)

#13 Kurisu Makise from ‘Steins;Gate’ (59,575 votes)

#14 Itachi Uchiha from ‘Naruto’ (57,467 votes)

#15 Eren Yeager from ‘Attack On Titan’ (57,299 votes)

#16 Mikasa Ackerman from ‘Attack On Titan’ (51,020 votes)

#17 Hachiman Hikigaya from ‘OreGairu’ (48,677 votes)

#18 Ken Kaneki from ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ (45,811 votes)

#19 Rem from ‘Re:Zero’ (43,489 votes)

#20 Saitama from ‘One Punch Man’ (43,156 votes)

The rankings has been decided by the user data collected on the official website of MyAnimeList. Both, Luffy & Zoro from the popular series One Piece made it into the top 10 while Attack On Titan turned out to be the biggest gainer from the rankings as three of its characters (Levi, Eren & Mikasa) made it to the list.

MyAnimeList is a website aimed at anime fans globally and includes features such as a database of over 40,000 entries and highly active forums. It is becoming the heart for sharing, discussing and discovering anime and manga information in the English speaking world.

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