Solo Leveling Will Return Soon With Special Chapters!

Solo Leveling, a South Korean web book, concluded with the final chapter of the manhwa adaption in January 2022. The webtoon came to an end after a long journey of about 4 years and over 170+ chapters, but new information suggests that the series is not ended as Solo Leveling is returning.

According to an announcement made on Tapas’ official website, the Solo Leveling webtoon will be returned with new chapters very soon. There is no set date for its release, but the details indicate that it will be soon, as Solo Leveling is now on hiatus.

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your continued support of The main story has come to an end and so we will be taking a hiatus before returning with special episodes at a later date! Thank you and we’ll see you again!

–Tapas Team–

Tapas is a comics platform that has the legal right to publish the Solo Leveling manhwa in English. It is a subsidiary of Kakao Page and operates on a freemium business model, with many series offering the first few episodes for free but charging for additional episodes.

For those who are unaware, Solo Leveling manhwa is an adaptation of Novel Written By Chugong’s. The novel counterpart contains a special side narrative that depicts Sung Jin-Woo and Cha Hae-future In’s lives after the original story concludes. It also includes more occurrences that are rather thrilling to read.

Fans anticipate that this unique narrative will bring a stronger finale to the plot of Solo Leveling and will add approximately 20-25 chapters to the webtoon. Novel fans are familiar with this narrative and have been waiting for its adaptation in manhwa form for a long time.

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