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Solo Leveling Is Getting An Anime! Everything About It

2022 has just begun and it has come up with such good news that webtoon readers will be delighted to hear it. One of the most popular webtoons, Solo Leveling is ready to kick start its new journey as it has been confirmed that Solo Leveling anime is in production.

On a Chinese microblogging website, Weibo a very reliable user confirmed that Solo Leveling is going to receive an anime announcement in the upcoming days. Many Twitter users as well claimed this fact to be true that Solo Leveling is finally getting an anime adaptation.

If the rumours turned out to be true, then it is most likely that Studio Mir will be in charge of the animation production of Solo Leveling. They’re based in South Korea and are best-known for animating popular TV shows such as The Legends of Korra and Dota: Dragon’s Blood.


Most of the fans want Solo Leveling to be animated by either Ufotable or MAPPA but considering the anti-Japan elements in the storyline, it doesn’t look to be possible at all. The other webtoons that got adapted into anime were all licensed by Crunchyroll, but that’s not the case with Solo Leveling.

However, the official details about the production have not been disclosed yet and the publishing company of Solo Leveling webtoon, D&C Media hasn’t made an announcement till now but, seems like it will be shared with the fans soon.

Good thing is, worldwide famous South Korean band, The Boyz are going to release an original soundtrack for the Solo Leveling webtoon that is scheduled to release at the end of Feb 2022. So, it’s another hint that Solo Leveling anime is on its way and it will be dream come true for the fans. Check out the teaser of the upcoming Solo Leveling OST.

A few days ago, Solo Leveling manhwa ended officially with the release of its latest chapter 179. On this occasion, Jang-Sung-Rak aka Dubu, the illustrator of Solo Leveling penned an emotional note for the fans and the staff members who helped him in this journey.

After that, fans were speculating about an anime announcement and finally, this news will give them a sense of relief that their beloved manhwa is finally going to receive its own anime adaptation after a long struggle of 4 years.


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