One Piece Anime Returns With Episode 1014

After a one-month break, One Piece anime episodes will resume airing on the Japanese TV network on April 17, 2022. Since March 6, the anime has been on indefinite hold due to mysterious third-party activity in Toei Animation, which led in their website being hacked.

On Wednesday, the official One Piece Twitter account issued a press release indicating that the anime will resume broadcasting on April 17th with Episode 1014, titled “Marco’s Tears! The Bonds of the Whitebeard Pirates.” A recap show named “Wano Country Best Selection” will air on Sunday, April 10th.

The episode will be the first new episode in six weeks for the anime, and the first since the Toei Animation hack last month, which also damaged other works. Toei Animation reported in a press statement on March 11 that its website had been hacked and its internal network had been illegally accessed by a third party.

As a precaution, they had to take down its online store and a portion of its website to prevent unauthorised access. This had an impact on the production timeline of the company’s different anime, including TV cartoons Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken, Delicious Party Precure, Digimon Ghost Game, and One Piece.

Toei Animation Said on Friday that an unauthorised third party gained access to the company’s network on March 6, resulting in the suspension of certain of the company’s services. Toei Animation is looking into the situation and has stated that the hack will have an impact on the broadcast schedules for One Piece, Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, Delicious Party Precure, and Digimon Ghost Game.

Furthermore, the company was had to postpone the release of their next film “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie,” which was set to be released in Japan on April 22, 2022. In addition to the return of the One Piece anime, the studio has confirmed that its other works will also air in the coming weeks of April.

Also Other information From Studio:-

For Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, episode 73 will not air on Saturday as planned, and episode 31 will air instead. The anime’s staff will reveal at a later date what will air on March 19.

The Twitter account for Digimon Ghost Game stated it will announce at a later date what will air on March 20 (due to a broadcast of a marathon, no episode was slated to air on March 13).

The official website for the One Piece anime stated the staff will announce more details about the show’s schedule starting with the episode that will air on March 20 at a later date.

The Twitter account for Delicious Party Precure stated that episode 6 of the show is delayed and will not air on March 13 as planned. Episode 4 will air on that day instead.

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