My Dress-Up Darling: Marin looks in Real Life

Marin Kitagawa was this season’s most popular female anime character, as well as one of the sweetest girlfriends in anime From My Dress-Up Darling. Although finding such a girlfriend is nearly impossible in Real Life many Female can do cosplay to look line Marin but it will be not perfect as anime Marin , So one of a Reddit user went viral for sharing how Marin will appear in real life.

After sharing a “real life” recreation of the character Marin Kitagawa, Reddit user “u/gabrielxdesign” posted a reddit on “r/AnimeART” and it went viral. The user revealed in their post that this is not a cosplay done by a person, and that she created this art work using Software such as Photoshop, Portrait Pro, and others and made it look like real one as you will se picture below it will look like real person.

Marin looks in Real Life

As you Can This Picture Is not Real Person it is Created by The Reddit user Imagination and taking anime character in consideration.

For People Reaction and comment you can visit the reddit Post:-

The Same user also previously published real life of the character Takagi from (Teasing Master Takagi-san), so we can expect that user will make real life images for other anime character in future .

Real Life image of Takagi

If you want more such Real life character images so you can visit user post and give your support to them so they make more of such Content.

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