Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Postponed Until Further Notice

Toei Animation released a statement on Friday stating that the upcoming Dragon Ball movie titled “Dragon Ball Super Hero Movie” has been postponed till further notice. The movie will not premiere on the fixed schedule as it was decided due to unauthorized access to the network by a third party at the production company.

On the official website of Dragon Ball Super movie, Toei released a statement saying, “Due to unauthorized access at Toei Animation it became a difficult situation to produce. Therefore, we would like to inform you that we have no choice but to postpone the release. We are very sorry to everyone who is looking forward to the release.”

“We will announce the new release date in the near future, so please wait for a while. Thank you for your understanding,” the company further added. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie was scheduled to be released nationwide from April 22, 2022, but for now, it will be delayed till further notice.

On March 11, Toei Animation revealed in a press statement that their website was hacked. According to the company, its internal network was illegally accessed by a third party and as a precaution, they had to shut down its online shop & a part of the website to block any access from outside.

This affected the production schedule of various anime of the company which includes TV animations Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken, Delicious Party Precure, Digimon Ghost Game, and One Piece. As for users’ personal details, Toei Animation is currently doing an investigation alongside a specialized security company.

The extent of the delay has yet to be officially confirmed by the production but a new release date for the movie will soon be announced by the company. As reported by Toei Animation, those who already purchased the advanced tickets for the movie can keep them as they will be available after the new release date.

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Source: Dragon Ball Super Official

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