Bokura no Yoake (Break of Dawn), A Sci-Fi Manga, Has Been Adapted Into An Anime Movie.

Sci-fi manga Bokura no Yoake (Break of Dawn) is getting an anime movie adaptation which is set to premiere in the early fall of 2022. A teaser visual was revealed along with a short teaser trailer.

The story is based on Tetsuya Imai’s manga of the same name. Imai is best known for being the author of Alice & Zoroku, a manga that received an anime adaptation by studio J.C.Staff in 2017. Bokura no Yoake was serialized in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine in 2010. The manga has 2 volumes, with 10 chapters. The author Imai commented on the adaptation:

Bokura no Yoake is a manga that was serialized in 2011. It is now the year 2022. The story takes place a little further into the future than the present. There are flying robots and so on.
This work is now being made into an animated feature film. A lot of people have come up with great ideas, and we are in the process of creating more and more works. The future is amazing and I am very excited. I hope you will be excited too.

The story follows Yuma Sawatari is attending elementary school. Yuma loves everything that has to do with space, astronomy, and science overall. When his parents buy a robot named Nanako he is disappointed to learn that it’s just a cleaning robot. But, when he tries to talk to Nanako about space something unusual happens. Nanako’s system is gone and replaced by what is apparently a lost alien shop. And these mysterious aliens want Yuma’s help to go back home.

The description of teaser trailer describes the plot as:
Summer, 2049 A.D. A boy meets an “unknown being” from outer space. An unprecedented top-secret mission begins 27 years later.

There is still no information about the studio, staff, or cast. The visual depicts a complex housing project, with a boy standing on the roof and observing the sun coming up.

Trailer :-

Teaser Visual :-

Bokura no Yoake (Break of Dawn) – Anime Movie Teaser Visual
Bokura no Yoake (Break of Dawn) – Anime Movie Teaser Visual

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