Anime Japan 2022 Full Schedule, Where to Watch, and How to Watch It?

“AnimeJapan 2022,” the Japanese anime industry’s greatest event of the year, is just around the corner, and fans can’t wait for the show to begin. For the ninth time in a row, the event returns with a new and improved look. In addition, the full schedule for Anime Japan 2022 has been announced for fans.

Anime Japan 2022 is an annual manga and anime expo sponsored by TOHO Animation, BookWalker, and Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan. This year’s event will take place at Tokyo Big Sight, where several fresh announcements on manga, anime, films, games, and products will be made.

Furthermore, manga authors and primary cast members from numerous anime franchises will attend the event to discuss their work and upcoming projects. The event is more akin to an anime expo in which numerous commodities and products are displayed for the audience to commemorate the success of a franchise.

But when will it be held, where will it be shown, and what is the complete schedule of Anime Japan 2022? All of this information will be provided to you in this post. So, don’t leave anything out, and let’s get started.

Anime Japan 2022 Full Schedule

Anime Japan 2022 will take place in the Tokyo Big Sight, Japan’s largest international exhibition centre. This two-day event takes place on March 26-27, and more than 40 anime franchises are taking part this year, including well-known names such as Attack On Titan, My Dress-Up Darling, Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer, and Jujutsu Kaisen.


So, here is the full schedule of the upcoming Anime Japan 2022:-

Saturday, March 26th

Red Stage

• Team RWBY Project – 9:30 AM JST
• Teasing Master Takagi San movie – 10:45 AM JST
• Fleet Girls Collection “Kancolle” – 12:00 PM JST
• Love Live! Superstar!! – 1:15 PM JST
• Demon Slayer – 2:30 PM JST
• Jujutsu Kaisen – 3:45 PM JST
• Takanori Nishikawa – 5:00 PM JST

Blue Stage

• Fanfare of Adolescence – 10:10 AM JST
• Hunter x Hunter – 11:30 AM JST
• The Eminence in Shadow – 12:50 PM JST
• Dr. Stone – 2:10 PM JST
• Armagia Project – 3:30 PM JST
• Lords Mobile – 4:50 PM JST
• Cue! – 6:10 PM JST

Green Stage

• The Demon Girl Next Door 2 – 9:30 AM JST
• Akebi-chan’s Sailor Uniform – 10:50 AM JST
• The Prince of Tennis: U-17 World Cup – 12:10 PM JST
• Orient – 1:30 PM JST
• Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall – 2:50 PM JST
• Love All Play – 4:10 PM JST
• JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean – 5:30 PM JST
• Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It – 6:50 PM JST

Sunday, March 27th

Red Stage

• The iDOLM@STER Million Live! – 9:30 AM JST
• Spy x Family – 10:45 AM JST
• Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Ultra Romantic – 12:00 PM JST
• Fate/Grand Order – 1:15 PM JST
• Yowamushi Pedal Limit Break – 2:30 PM JST
• Sword Art Online (10th Anniversary Project) – 3:45 PM JST
• Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 – 5:25 PM JST

Blue Stage

• Onsen Radio Stage – 10:10 AM JST
• Ya Boy Kongming! “Let’s Party Time” – 11:30 AM JST
• My Dress-Up Darling – 12:50 PM JST
• Extreme Hearts – 2:10 PM JST
• Sky: Children of the Light – 3:30 PM JST
• Hi-Drivers – 4:50 PM JST

Green Stage

• The Quintessential Quintuplets – 9:30 AM JST
• Vampire Dies in no Time – 10:50 AM JST
• Uncle from Another World – 12:10 PM JST
• Ranking of Kings – 1:30 PM JST
• Paradox Live ~Anime Japan Show~ – 2:50 PM JST
• Netflix Anime Special Stage – 4:10 PM JST
• Digimon Ghost Game – 5:30 PM JST

All the timings are in Japanese Standard Time (JST) so, make sure to check the timings in your region.

Where To Watch Anime Japan 2022?

Anime Japan 2022 will take place at Tokyo Big Sight, so if you live in Japan, you can attend in person. Meanwhile, foreign anime enthusiasts can view the event via an internet site.

The event will be streamed live on AnimeJapan’s official website. However, you cannot watch the event for free because it requires a basic ticket payment of 2300 yen (about US$19) each day to stream the event online. Furthermore, the programme will only be available in Japanese, with no English subtitles.

Anime Japan 2022 will take place at Tokyo Big Sight, thus if you live in Japan, you will be able to attend in person. Meanwhile, overseas anime enthusiasts can use the web portal to witness the event.

On the official website of AnimeJapan, viewers will be able to watch the event. However, you will not be able to view the event for free because a basic ticket price of 2300 yen (about US$19) is required to stream the event online. Furthermore, the programme will only be available in Japanese with no English subtitles.

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