Age of the Attack on Titan Character According to the Anime

Hajime Isayama’s written Attack On Titan manga is one in all the foremost popular franchises within the world. Studio WIT adapted this manga series into an anime television series in 2013 and at the moment, the series just kept rising within the popularity polls. But, as a matter of curiosity, have you ever ever wondered about the Attack On Titan character’s current age?

Attack On Titan is one in every of the well-received anime round the globe and everybody is incredibly cognizant of the dramatic & horrifying world of the series. However, after the tip of Season 3 fans have to be compelled to witness a time skip within the storyline and also a sudden change within the animation studio still. After that, plenty of fans lost count of the particular age of all the characters in AOT.

And, during this article, we’ve prepared an age chart of all the Attack On Titan characters including the Survey Corps members and every one the Titan Shifters. So, here’s the list of all the Attack On Titan character’s current age in line with manga:

1. Survey Corps Members Age

• Armin Arlert – 19 years
• Hange Zoe – 33 years
• Levi Ackerman – 35 years
• Jean Kirstein – 19 years
• Mikasa Ackerman – 19 years
• Connie Springer – 19 years

2. Titan Shifters Age

• Eren Yeager – 19 years
• Reiner Braun – 21 years
• Zeke Yeager – 29 years
• Annie Leonhart – 20 years
• Falco Grice – 12 years
• Pieck Finger – 21 years

3. Others

• Gabi Braun – 12 years
• Yelena – 25 years
• Floch Forster – 19 years
• Historia Reiss – 19 years

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