A Famous Anime Director Referred To Hajime Isayama As A ‘Stubborn Bullied Child’.

Hajime Isayama is a well-known face within the Japanese anime & manga industry. he’s very hip in not just the Attack On Titan community but overall the whole anime fanbase is crazy about his brilliant work. But, recently a really famous director spoke about the Attack On Titan creator calling him a “bullied child”.

Last week, a really controversial comment about Attack on Titan author Hajime Isayama resurfaced on the web. In his online magazine, Gundam original creator & director Yoshiyuki Tomino called Isayama a stubborn bullied child who relieved his anger through drawing manga.

In response to a matter asked about the Attack On Titan creator Tomino said, “In short, he accustomed be a stubborn bullied child. He relieves his resentment by drawing manga”. He mentioned that the Attack On Titan manga seems more offensive to public order and morals than the novel sexual expression.

Moreover, Tomino also claimed that he will never read it or let it’s published under his watch. “I personally don’t want to read it, and that i don’t want to judge it. the actual fact that such manga is received like this suggests that this era is pretty terrible,” he continued.

In another statement, he blamed the editors of the franchise to publish the freakish world being portrayed in an exceedingly mag. Tomino said, “Editors should understand the author’s thoughts and appearance for a distinct expression. To publish “Attack on Titan” in this way without such control, i feel it’s a controversy before the novel sexual expression”.

Although he continued to chop down Attack On Titan, Tomino didn’t forget to acknowledge Isayama’s efforts of making the plot and drawing them. He was also ready to understand what drove Isayama to form such an amusing manga and within the end, praised his work moreover.

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Source: J-CAST

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