10 Best Things About Marin Kitagawa From My Dress-Up Darling

As we all know My Dress-Up Darling was one of the most popular anime in the Winter 2022 Anime Seasona shojo-style seinen animated series which is focuses around Wakana Gojo, a shy doll-maker, and his lively new friend, cosplay enthusiast Marin Kitagawa. They’ll work together to create the best cosplays the world has ever seen, one stitch and wig at a time.

This anime has a lot to enjoy, from its unexpectedly tasteful fan service to its educational value in terms of cosplay and tailoring. Marin Kitagawa, whose lively and carefree nature makes her easy to like, is, of course, the best part of My Dress-Up Darling.\

10. Marin Shows a Lot of Initiative

A proactive character will push the plot along and make things happen, which is always appealing in any kind of fiction. While Wakana Gojo is very timid and submissive, his new lady friend Marin Kitagawa is a go-getter who does not sit around waiting for nice things to come.

Marin, on the other hand, like to be in control of her personal life and interests, to the extent where she attempted an amateur cosplay despite having little finances and much less talents. Her costume was a little shabby, but it demonstrated that she is capable of taking control. It’s better than daydreaming about cosplay.

9. Marin Is a complete Genki Girl

There are a number of anime terms to describe a character’s personality, from a prickly tsundere to an aloof but caring kuudere and the dumb but lovable “himbo” type, such as Son Goku and Monkey D. Luffy. Then there’s the category of “genki girls,” which is what Marin Kitagawa belongs to.

Genki girls are beloved for their energetic and cheerful personalities, and they are like a ray of sunshine in any scene they take part in. As long as they’re not overbearing or obnoxious, genki girls like Marin can steal any scene and win over any viewer’s heart.

8. Marin Openly Admits Her Flaws

It’s fine for anime protagonists to be self-assured and to play to their strengths, but they should also be humble and honest about their flaws and inadequacies, which can add real attraction to the character. Marin Kitagawa is the same way — genki girls aren’t always in denial of their flaws.

Marin is a joyful and energetic cosplayer, but she’s also clever enough to keep herself in check and accept her cosplay shortcomings, which is why Wakana is eager to assist her. Marin is also honest enough to say when she is behind on her summer homework rather than burying it out of guilt.

7. Marin Has A Lovely Colour Scheme

Some anime characters, such as Bleach’s Ulquiorra Schiffer and Naruto’s Kankuro, are fairly monochromatic or lack bright colours. Marin Kitagawa, on the other hand, is a fashionable girl who knows how to be colourful without being showy, which makes her stand out even more.

Marin’s eyes are a vibrant reddish-pink, and her hair is a rich shade of blonde that fades into a delightful pinkish tone near the tips. She undoubtedly put in a lot of effort to dye her hair, and it paid off. She’s fashionable yet not flashy.

6. Marin Is Realistic About Money

Marin may not be a great accountant, but she is still relatively responsible with money, which is admirable. Many teens and young people waste their meagre earnings and limited money on whatever they want, but Marin is better than that.
Marin only spends what she can afford on cosplay stuff, and she also believes in getting her money’s worth out of everything, which is wise of her. She also intends to save money for a beautiful cosplay camera, and I’m confident she’ll meet that financial objective sooner or later.

5. Marin Use Amusing Slang

The author of any work of fiction can “bend the language,” or define a character, by their choice of words and vocabulary. This may reveal a lot about a character, and Marin Kitagawa is no exception. Her words alone reveal a lot about her, and her followers like them.

Marin has a love for employing silly but common slang phrases, idiomatic expressions, and figures of speech, which help to reinforce her genki girl identity and humorous attitude in all the right ways. This increases her appeal among younger anime lovers while not alienating older ones.

4. Marin Teases Wakana Without Going Overboard

Marin is more than just a genki girl or a cosplayer. She also fits the “sadodere” archetype, which is a character — usually a female one — who expresses their affection for another person through mocking and irritating behaviour. Hayase Nagatoro, not to mention Uzaki-chan, is a prime example.
Marin is also a sadodere when it comes to Wakana, and she frequently taunts him in PG-13 ways in order to take advantage of how naïve and naive Wakana can be around girls. It’s entertaining to see, and best of all, Marin controls herself. She’s playing with Wakana, not torturing him.

3. Marin Enjoys Watching Anime.

There are a few manga/anime franchises that feature characters who enjoy viewing anime, such as the Wotakoi closeted geeks and a few characters in Lucky Star. Meanwhile, Marin Kitagawa from My Dress-Up Darling is a passionate anime fan, which offers her real-life followers something to relate to.

Marin’s room is covered in posters and wall scrolls of her favourite magical girl and slice-of-life anime series, and she occasionally invites Wakana Gojo over to watch them for fun and cosplay reference. It’s lovely to see Marin have so much fun with her activities.

2. Marin Doesn’t Try To Change Wakana

Many works of fiction have a shy and quiet character, such as Wakana Gojo, who is urged to come out of her shell by the other characters. Stories frequently involve transforming introverts into extroverts, but rarely the other way around, which may feel unfair to certain anime fans. Marin, on the other hand, does not follow this tendency.

Marin is a bright and playful extrovert, yet while she gently teases Wakana, she never attempts to change or break his mental shell for him. Instead, she respects Wakana and accepts him for who he is. In this sense, she sets a positive example.

1. Marin’s Romantic Feelings Are Wholesome & Uncomplicated

Characters in rom-com and slice-of-life anime series frequently form crushes, but they don’t always communicate these love impulses effectively. The character may be in denial for too long, wearing off the viewer’s tolerance, or they may act in less-than-wholesome ways, making a fool of themselves.

But not Marin Kitagawa. Her crush for Wakana Gojo is simple and uncomplicated, which is refreshing. Marin may not be throwing herself at Wakana every chance she gets, but she is at least honest with herself about her romantic inclinations, and these feelings make her happy. She will soon express them when she is ready.

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