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Manga Readers Pick Their Favourite Characters To Learn Leadership From

Leadership is a quality that is not inherited or god-gifted to a person, it is just a way to express oneself with utter belief in the comrades and self-confidence inside the heart. And, as an anime fan, this becomes more exciting to learn this remarkable quality from your beloved anime character.

Recently, a Japanese e-book distribution and sales company, BookLive conducted a survey on the topic “Self-Investment” which demonstrated various rankings decided by the readers themselves. As part of the survey, more than 1000 men & women between the ages of 39 were tasked with a set of questions depending on their usual activity.

BookLive asked the readers about their favorite anime/manga character and tasked them with the question of “From which manga character do you want to learn leadership?” Several readers picked Erwin Smith from Attack On Titan as their first choice and the only one they will like to learn leadership from.

The complete ranking list of the questionnaire “Which manga character would you like to learn leadership from?” is given below:

#1 Erwin Smith from ‘Attack On Titan’

#2 Lelouch Lamperouge from ‘Code Geass’

#3 Monkey D. Luffy from ‘One Piece’

#4 Askeladd from ‘Vinland Saga’

#5 Kakashi Hatake from ‘Naruto’

#6 Roy Mustang from ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’

#7 Kamina from ‘Gurren Lagann’

#8 Sakata Gintoki from ‘Gintama’

#9 Akitaru Obi from ‘Fire Force’

#10 Toru Oikawa from ‘Haikyu!!’

After Erwin, readers went on with Lelouch who is very popular among the general audience of Japan and is also the most popular anime character on MyAnimeList. The popularity of classic shōnen manga One Piece & Naruto can still be seen in the fans as both the works enlisted their major characters from the series.

The highly praised series of last decade “Vinland Saga” also made its name in the list as Askeladd ranked fourth in the fan’s favorite rankings of leadership quality in a character. Sakata Gintoki from the comedy series Gintama also made it to the list holding the 8th position very tightly.

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